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SIZE: 55cm x 22cm x 145cm
This style is sure to turn heads as it gleams in the sun with
casual avant-garde detailing. Designed with classic glamour in
mind, our BELIZE frames fit beautifully and can be worn daily.
Inspired by a geometric pattern, the temples have been hand-drawn
and embedded into high-quality acetate with gold metal.
The front of the frames also include a metal geometric-shaped
detail to add that extra touch as a designer accessory. Our
signature gold music note and “T” logo charms are embedded on
each side of the temple tips for additional detail.
Premium-Quality Acetate available in Onyx (Solid Black) with
Deep Burgundy gradient lenses. All lenses offer 100% UV
Protection & Polarized. Includes midnight blue textured box,
midnight blue case with embossed logo, and an embossed
microfiber cloth.

About Tyche & Iset:

Tyche & Iset is an avant-garde luxury eyewear brand that was launched by Morganne Leigh in July 2014 and is based in Los Angeles. Morganne began to design her collections from her art, her inspirations, and for the client who wants to add that "final touch" to their outfit. Everything she designs or creates for the brand has a significant meaning -- from the name of the company all the way down to the intricate detailing within each silhouette. As a painter, she strives to create unique colors/designs that will stand out from the crowd. It is important to her that every man or woman who wears her glasses feels special and one of a kind. As you might know, most eyewear brands are created and designed by only a few major manufacturers around the world. She wanted to combat that cookie cutter design process by creating a line of eyewear with significance in detail and thought; while creating beautiful and eye-catching art for your face. It is so important to her that every detail has to mean and that every customer discovers new features within the eyewear design. That part is the most fun to me because people love to find more than what meets the eye.

Morganne cares most about environmental and animal sanctuaries/charities; She has been an animal lover from the start. She worked with animals while growing up and participated in tree planting/garbage clean ups. She contributes to various groups whenever possible and "fosters" animals as well. She’s always been an advocate for environmental protection and hopes to continue that as long as she can. “Even my friends used to make fun of me growing up”, she says, “because I would always make them turn off the lights whenever you leave the room and of course...RECYCLE! I would love to physically attend animal sanctuaries to help as well (but I have not had the opportunity or ability to yet). Even though there is so much to be resolved in this world, I hope my small contributions can help in some way or another.”