Mayan Heirloom Pillow and Wool Throw - Black and White Package

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Black & White Package B&W with a pop of color! This package includes a Mayan heirloom pillow and a handmade wool throw from Chiapas.

Chiapas Wool Throw Description: These organic wool throws are hand-loomed by Mayans in Chiapas, Mexico. Modern design with a rustic feel. Dimensions: 27 x 78 inches.

Mayan Heirloom Pillow Description: Pillows are repurposed from vintage Mayan "HUIPILES" which translates to "blouses". Huipil (pronounced weepeel) textiles are backstrap woven and beautifully hand embroidered. Sourced from indigenous markets in Guatemala, each pattern identifies its origin from a specific village. The 100% cotton backings are foot loomed by Mayan weavers and selected to create one of a kind accent pillows. Fair trade, vintage, hand loomed & embroidered, repurposed & thoughtfully designed textiles for your home. A percentage of profit is donated back to Mayan communities in Guatemala.