The Collection - set of 4 candles in four signature fragrances - Funraise

The Collection - set of 4 candles in four signature fragrances

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A set of four 7.4 oz. candles in each of the signature Keap fragrances: Wood Cabin, Waves, Green Market and Hot Springs.  Wood Cabin, notes of cedar wood, burned pine, palo santo nutmeg and cade juniper.Hot Springs, notes of eucalyptus, lavender absolute, cedar leaves, neroli and yuzu. Waves, notes of sea salt, calone, cyclamen, star anise and galbanum. Green Market, notes of garden mint, basil, cucumber, fig leaves and water hyacinth. 

Made with clean, sustainable coconut wax. Never any paraffin or palm oil. Made by humans in Brooklyn.50 hour burn time.Fragrances created by a master perfumer. Lead-free, cotton wicks. Reusable, tumbler glass, made in the USA. 

About Keap candles: 

CANDLES MADE BETTER: Pure, sustainable, simple. We discovered the candle industry was using toxic, unsustainable materials and charging ripoff prices, so we started Keap to make better candles at fair prices. Starting with the simple understanding that all you need is wax, fragrance, a wick and a container to make a great candle, here's how we put the "better" into our candles.

Pure Fine fragrances

Enough with low quality, overpowering, sweet smells or unrecognizable scent names like "Poseidon's Aura". Our fragrances capture natural escapes, through the work of a master perfumer.  

Clean Burn

Soot is created when incomplete combustion occurs from poor wicking. Candles also "tunnel" and burn down the middle when the wick is too small. We experimented with many wicks until we found the appropriate one for each fragrance. Combined with our slow-burning coconut wax, these measures ensure that our candles soot less and burn right to the edge. 

Sustainable - Coconut wax

When looking for our wax, we discovered that paraffin and soy wax are not sustainable sources of wax; they are preferred for being cheap. We sourced coconut wax to make our candles better. Sustainably produced, and slow-burning, it's the clear choice. It comes in big, creamy blocks as seen on the left.

Minimal, reusable

Too many candles are overly branded, so we designed a clean aesthetic to fit any space.
Frustrated by the needless waste of throwing a quality glass away, we designed our candleholders to be easy to repurpose—we use no adhesives so the labels and wicks are easy to remove. 

We saw one thing to add: making a difference in the world. We started Keap as a Public Benefit Corporation (a new socially-minded entity type) from day one, with a dual mission to both make candles better and provide access to affordable, sustainable light to people living outside of the electrical grid. We’ve partnered with our friends at SolarAid to create a solar revolution: every candle we sell supports distribution costs to get the solar lamps to these communities through our Buy a Candle, Light a Home program. Up to 1.3 billion people around the world do not have access to the electrical grid. Many use kerosene-burning lamps for light—a practice that’s inefficient, health-hazardous and dangerous. Through our previous jobs, we became aware of SolarAid's work to remedy the situation by giving people solar lamps that provide clean, sustainable light. 

So, for every Keap candle you buy, we donate $1 to SolarAid to bring light to those without access to the electrical grid. We're incredibly proud they consider us a partner in their mission to eradicate kerosene lamps by 2020.

We hope our candles find a new home in your space. Steve & Harry