Two (2) SANS 32 oz. Carafes - Mint Green and Glacier Gray - Funraise

Two (2) SANS 32 oz. Carafes - Mint Green and Glacier Gray

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The SANS XL 32oz. Glass Carafe was created to provide a family-sized storage option in order to keep larger batches of smoothies and shakes fresh for longer.

Its function, along with its sleek design and glass body makes it the ideal addition to your kitchen. SANS is an innovative solution that preserves and vacuum seals your smoothies and shakes to keep them fresher, longer. 


  • Family-Sized 
  • 32oz. / 946ml 
  • Borosilicate glass carafe with easy grip silicone sleeve
  • User friendly pump system 
  • Wide opening 
  • Leak proof 
  • Hand wash easy to remove parts 
  • Ideal size for large batches of smoothies and shakes 
  • Universal lid compatible with all SANS products 
About SANS:
Tracy Miller is passionate about healthy living and incorporating this lifestyle into functional

everyday products. After experiencing frustrations from the lack of preservation options in the marketplace for juices, smoothies, fruits and vegetables, she decided to do something about it.

SANS is committed to designing and developing products that are affordable, re-usable, multi-functional and fit into your healthy lifestyle.

Tracy is involved with:
Women for Women Int' 
Humane Society 
Habitat for Humanity