About Us

Welcome to Instaraise!

Are you a non profit looking to run an online fundraising auction, and need quality items to add to your event? 

Let Instaraise help you!

We provide an unlimited number of online consignment items from our marketplace for your bidders to bid on! These items are free of charge until a bidder has won the item, so there is no risk; you can select as many as you wish. And you keep the difference between the cost and the bid price!

    Our marketplace is designed to help you raise additional funds by offering unique, curated items not commonly available for online or mobile bidding auctions. These items will drive traffic and generate excitement around your fundraising event.

    Instaraise items are from designers and manufacturers who hold causes as an essential part of their brand identity. They are items to suit your cause, whether it is eco-minded, animal friendly, or geared towards education or healthcare.

    With each item you sell during your auction, you will be raising money for your cause, and helping a brand give back.

    Click here to get in touch: https://instaraise.org/pages/get-in-touch

    If you want to select your wish list of auction items now:

    • Simply browse and "add to cart" the items you would like to include in your auction.
    • "Check out" (no payment required) by clicking on "Non Profits Please Click Here" at the bottom of the last page of the check out process.
    • Once we receive your wish list, we will confirm availability and provide you with all the reserve pricing and product information you need.
    For any purchase made on this site, we contribute a percentage of your purchase to a timely cause (should you select one during the check out process).

    Click here to view our causes: https://instaraise.org/pages/causes-1

    Let's join forces and make waves!