Aerolite II - Funraise

Aerolite II

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  • Durable and ultra lightweight polycarbonate
  • 8 spinner wheels allow free movement in all directions
  • Detachable mesh pocket for travel accessories on carry-on size only
  • Push button aluminum retractable handle
  • Expandable for additional packing capacity
  • Meshed internal divider creates two separate compartments
  • Elastic tie-belt to secure clothing
  • Elegantly imprinted fully padded interior lining
SKU # Name Dimensions (H x W x L) Capacity Weight
HE-2120 21" Carry-On Spinner 21" x 15" x (8"+2") 2700 cu. in 5.5 lbs.
HE-2125 25" Mid-Size Spinner 25" x 17" x (9"+2") 4300 cu. in. 7.3 lbs.
HE-2129 29" Large-Size Spinner 29" x 19" x (10"+2") 6700 cu. in. 9.3 lbs.


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