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Aja - Earrings

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Palmwood dome with a tri-colored motif of hematite, Horn and gold plated ceramic are complete with black/brown faceted Horn. Components from around the world, made by hand exclusively in the USA. Length is 2 1/4" 

About Gotroxx jewelry:

Jacqueline Jones is the maker of the wearable art collection “Gravity,” a collection of handmade stacked shapes, sizes and colors. The Gravity Collection explores dimension and light.  From shiny to dull, oblong to round, reflections of color and organic components contrast as they interplay.  Her unique design assembly is held together by gravity as components are allowed to move freely.  It is this balance that makes Jacqueline’s designs unique.  A native Detroiter, now settled in Los Angeles, her jewelry is influenced by colors in nature with her use of organic components such as gemstones, ceramics, wood, minerals, pearls, and glass combined with various metals. Her designs have appeared in national and international magazines, movies and television shows.