Floral art print “Twilight”

Floral art print “Twilight”

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“I paint flowers so they will not die”. What a great saying of iconic Frida Kahlo. So much truth in it. These flowers will never fade but will be a reminder of cherished moments. Art is the way to capture a feeling so it won’t die because they will last along with this floral art print. This is a copy of a floral painting on canvas and belongs to the “Floral Bliss collection”.

You cant go wrong when decorating with flowers. You can hang it on the wall have fun styling floral prints with each other creating a gallery wall. Set it on the shelf along with your pretty home decor objects and enjoy your inner designer while creating the living space of your dream. 

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About the artist Lena Navarro:

I was born and grew up in Ukraine, Eastern Europe. From a young age I was drawing and painting and making all kinds of artistic stuff. I always wanted to create new things and change existence. Everything has to be original and has to have a touch of an artist. Normally children grow up and become "normal" adults and find a good job at the office. For some reason this perspective never seemed to be attractive to me. I wanted something different, different life, than everybody else has. I grew up and my passions grew up with me. I felt like I can change the world and I still feel this way. By doing beautiful we really changing the world. I love when my art brings smiles on peoples faces, this is what I am working for. I like when people are looking at my work they stop and think, when they have new feelings and emotions. I like that I can bring my original touch in someone's life, in someone's home, just as I dreamed when I was a girl. Dreams come true.

My favorite media is oil. Oil is beautiful. My favorite thing to say to my customers is that " this painting will last longer than you". I am not trying to be mean, I am just saying it is something you can leave for your grandkids. I love color! I like to use bright colors in my art. When I am painting something bright I often think of a person who it will belong to. How beautiful it will look in his/ her living room and how it will brighten up their rainy days. And yes, it does change the world even if it's the world of one person!