Geode Fancy Equality Mid-Necklace

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All of us have this Beautiful Sparkle Inside ...let yours shine! Stones are Moroccan Geode and a Mixed Pyrite Chunk. Hand hammered Square and Chain is Gold-Filled, chain is adjustable and is length is 20"-22".The Crystal Cove Collection features raw cuts of Moroccan Geodes, which are known as "Natures Glitter."
Feels: Meditative, Aids in Communication with the Divine and Others, Aids Decision Making and Shaping One's Own Future.
Heals: Brings Lightness + Harmony to One's Spirit, Dispels Negativity
Appeals: Libra, Scorpio

About Indie Republic of Design:

"Inspired by Nature, Adorned by You" 
Drawing inspiration from inner beauty and imperfect circles, Indie Republic Design believes the flaws in raw stones accentuate beauty, as they do in our own lives. This connection to hidden interiors and imperfections, sparks them to create handmade, one-of-a-kind jewelry that can be treasured for years to come. Paying homage to their love of Southern California, all of IRD's collections bare the monikers of the beaches they frequent and are inspired by. 

Their pieces are as distinct and varied as the SoCal coast and reflect the carefree bohemian lifestyle embodied by the locals. As a women-run business, they aim to enhance your beauty by adorning you with the loving energy of Indie Republic Design.