Giclee print “Yellow horizon” landscape

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This artwork is like a ray of sunshine. It has an ability to brighten up any living space and turn your room from great to fabulous in a second. Enjoy bright colors that will bring you into a relaxing mood and help you to enjoy yourself.

This print is available on fine art paper. 

Fine art paper:

This print is printed on a fine art paper using a special technology that guarantees this artwork to last for a long time. It needs a frame with glass for protection. Get creative with framing and add your own personality and style.

Sold without a frame

Ships in 1-2 weeks

About the artist Lena Navarro:

I was born and grew up in Ukraine, Eastern Europe. From a young age I was drawing and painting and making all kinds of artistic stuff. I always wanted to create new things and change existence. Everything has to be original and has to have a touch of an artist. Normally children grow up and become "normal" adults and find a good job at the office. For some reason this perspective never seemed to be attractive to me. I wanted something different, different life, than everybody else has. I grew up and my passions grew up with me. I felt like I can change the world and I still feel this way. By doing beautiful we really changing the world. I love when my art brings smiles on peoples faces, this is what I am working for. I like when people are looking at my work they stop and think, when they have new feelings and emotions. I like that I can bring my original touch in someone's life, in someone's home, just as I dreamed when I was a girl. Dreams come true.

My favorite media is oil. Oil is beautiful. My favorite thing to say to my customers is that " this painting will last longer than you". I am not trying to be mean, I am just saying it is something you can leave for your grandkids. I love color! I like to use bright colors in my art. When I am painting something bright I often think of a person who it will belong to. How beautiful it will look in his/ her living room and how it will brighten up their rainy days. And yes, it does change the world even if it's the world of one person!