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Mantramagnet (Package of 25)

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The Mantramagnet is a patented, multi-functional solution for displaying and storing fortunes and affirmations. It is magnetic, and a perfect addition to any refrigerator in the kitchen. It is also balanced by design, and can stand on its own on a desk, table or nightstand. In addition, the interior compartment has room to store dozens of fortunes. Best of all, the magnetic snap closure makes it easy to change or update your collection (and it’s a little addictive once you snap it closed once or twice). 

  • "I am a  magnet for success and good fortune!"
  • Magnetic - for the fridge.
  • Balanced - for your desk.
  • Organized - store more fortunes inside.
  • Fun - magnetic snap closure!
  • SOLD in quantity of 25. Can be used as gifts or promotional item.